2022 Bucket Race Bike Rules.


Homologation requests can be submitted to the BRA committee for consideration.
Download Homologation Form

Please Note: A motorcycle / engine / frame are NOT PERMITTED to be raced until it has gone through the complete process of homologation and been deemed legal to use.

2022 Superlite Rules

Print in Green denotes 2021 rule changes.

  1. Classes: One Class combining:

    - 125cc 2 Stroke air cooled max capacity 125cc
    - 180cc 4 stroke air cooled max capacity 189cc

  2. strong>Frames:
    Frames shall be from homologated, non-competition, Road or Trail machines only. Frames can be twin shock or single shock design

    Frames currently homologated are as follows:

    Ace125 4 stroke model.

    CB 125E, CB 100/125/175 K, J, S, N, T, CB200,
    XL100/125/175/185, SL100/125, SL175 H 100, MT125, CT100/125/185, XR200
    CBR125 Rolling Chassis

    KH 100/125, G4, G7, KE100/125 KV 100, KM 100

    GP 100/125, A 100, TS 100/125, TF 100/125, GS 125, DR 125 DS 80, GT 125, TC 100/125

    DX100, DT100/125/175, RX100/125, LS1, LS3, RD 125, RT 100, AS3, YL1, YB1,
    YFZR125/150 rolling chassis

    Modifications may be made to the frame to allow the fitment of race seat, triple clamps (steering stops), shock mount positions, and fuel tanks. The addition of bracing and removal of unnecessary brackets. No restrictions on the use of swing arms.

  3. Forks:
    Forks sizes are free. Conventional forks only, no upside down forks.

  4. Engines:
    Heads, Barrels & Crankcases shall be from homologated non-competition Road or Trail machines only. The following are currently homologated:

    Ace 125 4stroke

    CB125E, CB100/125/175 K, J, S, N, T. CB200, SL100/125/175, SL175, H100, MT125, CT/125/185/200, XL100/125/175/185/200, ATC200 XR200.CB125E, CB100/125/175 K, J, S, N, T SL100/125, H100, MT125, CT/125/185/200,

    JS125Y (Complete 124cc engine), JS150Y Engine less Cylinder head.
    XR200 (with XL185 barrel)


    100cc 2 Stroke.
    KH 100/125, G4, G7, KE100/125 KV 100, KM 100

     100cc 2 Stroke
    GP100/125, A100, TS100/125, TF100/125, GS125, DR125, GT125, TC100/125, DFI25, DR200, TLF200 (Head & Cylinder only)

    100cc 2 Stroke
    DX100, DT100/125/175, RX100/125, LS1, LS3, RD125, XT125, RT100, AS3, YL1, YB1

    Engine Modifications:

    4a) 4 stroke Cylinder head modifications:

    (Only 2 valves per cylinder are permitted on 4 strokes)

    4ai) 4 stroke cylinder heads shall remain in original configuration i.e. Valves shall retain original angles and position and shall remain standard sizes only.
    Maximum valve sizes: Inlet 30mm, Exhaust 26mm.

    4aii) Porting is permitted

    4aiii) Camshaft modifications are permitted. Note: Camshafts that interchange between homologated models may be used. i.e. CB may be used in XL, GS may be used in DR etc.
    4b) 2 stroke cylinder modifications:

    2 stroke barrels/cylinders shall be restricted to an exhaust port width of 70% of the bore diameter with the standard number of ports ONLY.

  5. Brakes:

    Brake modifications are free.

  6. Tyres:

    Tyres to be readily available in Australia; No slicks or wet racing tyres; Tyres are to be as they left the manufacturer, No modifications (ie. No re grooving) Tyre sizes free

  7. Fuel:

    Shall be as per the GCRs. No additives or (octane boosters) other than oil for lubrication.

  8. Induction:

    Induction will be by carburettors only.
    28mm (carburettor maximum on 2 strokes).

     - No fuel injection.
     - No forced air induction.

  9. Fairings:

    Full fairing allowed.

    The implementation and enforcement of the BRA Racing Rules is governed by the BRA committee. Penalties for non-compliance will be determined by the committee.

-- FUEL,

  1. Classes: One class combining:

    - 125cc Air-cooled single cylinder 2 stroke
    - 200cc Air-cooled 2 valve twin cylinder 4 stroke
    - 175cc Air-cooled 3, 4 or 5 valve 1cyl. 4 stroke
    - 190cc Air-cooled Horizontal 4 Valve 4 speed
       gearbox (Laydown Motor)
    - 230cc Air-cooled 2 valve single cylinder 4 stroke
    - 85cc Water-cooled 2 stroke
    - 159cc Water-cooled 4 valve single cyl. 4 stroke
    - 210cc Water-cooled 2 valve single cyl 4 stroke

    These capacities are maximum sizes, a tolerance of 2% is included within these capacities.

    Open to any grade of rider.

  2. Engines Choice of engine is open. Any engine conforming to capacity & valve constraints under Classes section 1.

  3. Forks: Forks may be of any diameter, conventional or upside down

  4. Frames: Frames are open.
  5. Fairings: Modern style race fairings allowed.

  6. Brakes: Brake modifications are permitted.

  7. Tyres: Tyres are open

  8. Fuel: Shall be as per the GCRs. only.

  9. The implementation and enforcement of the BRA Racing Rules is governed by the BRA committee. Penalties for non-compliance will be determined by the committee.

  10. Motolite number plates to be as per MOMS.

    -- FUEL

Racing class open to all 4 stroke 125cc Commuter Bikes.

For 2021 ther is one rider grade.

To be eligible for racing, the motorcycle must have:

ADR Compliance.

  • Standard 4 stroke engine of 125cc.(See Below for info on 150's)
  • The motorcycle must be made to comply with any general requirements of road racing in the MOMS.

The following items may be modified from OEM.

  1. Body work may be removed or replaced, provided the replacement bodywork provides a similar profile as OEM see...
  2. Carburettor jetting / Fuel injection mapping.
  3. Air filter, air box may be modified / removed.
  4. Exhaust system.
  5. External gearing and drive chain.
  6. Tyres: No Slicks or Wet Weather Racing Tyres.
  7. Brake pad material, braided brake lines allowed.
  8. Handlebars, hand and foot controls.
  9. Front Fork springs and internals.
  10. Rear shock(s) and springs.
  11. Instrument cluster may be removed or replaced with aftermarket instruments.
  12. Pillion sub-frame may be modified. ( Only as per Figure 1 see below)

Rear Sub-frame cut off point.

Please Note:

  1. OEM ECU must be retained, no modifications allowed. Checks will be made on ECU rev limiting to specification.
  2. Starter motor, battery and alternator must remain standard and operational. (Engine must start from bikes own starter motor).

  • Rules will continue to be revised (if needed) at the 2017 BRA Annual General Meeting.
  • The BRA Committee has the discretionary power to alter the above rules if required within the next 12 months.


Club Stuff


Honda RS125 RS250
& CR85

Parts and Race Preparation

Call Trevor on
0415 884 838

BRA Champions


  • 2017 Jason Dunn(Honda RS85CR)
  • 2016 Jason Dunn(Honda RS85CR)
  • 2015 Jason Dunn(Honda RS85CR)
  • 2014 Tyler Bradford(BBE CBR150)
  • 2013 Jason Dunn (Honda RS85CR)
  • 2012 Paul Borg (Honda RS85CR)
  • 2011 Jason Dunn (Honda RS85CR)
  • 2010 Michael Carruthers (RS85CR)
  • 2009 Paul Borg (Honda RS85CR)
  • 2008 Garry Briggs (RS150CRFr)
  • 2007 Trevor Lusby (Jianshe 185)
  • 2006 Garry Briggs
  • 2005 Garry Briggs
  • 2004 Lindsay McKay

Superlite Pro

  • 2017 Walter Murphy (Honda CB185)
  • 2016 Tim Smith (Honda CB150)
  • 2015 Ian Gregory (Honda CB150)
  • 2014 Walter Murphy (Honda CB150)
  • 2013 Walter Murphy (Honda CB150)
  • 2012 Fred Holland (Honda CB150)
  • 2011 Ken Lindsay (Honda RCB150)
  • 2010 Jeff Clissold (Honda CB150)
  • 2009 Jeff Clissold (Honda CB150)
  • 2008 Ken Lindsay (Honda RCB150)
  • 2007 Phillip Favero (Honda CB150)
  • 2006 Ken Lindsay (Honda RCB150)
  • 2005 Bruce Edwards (Honda CB150)
  • 2004 David Phillips (Honda CB150)
  • 2003 Garry Briggs (Honda CB150)
  • 2002 Garry Briggs (Honda CB150)

Superlite AM

  • 2017 Shaun Bray (Suzuki GS150)
  • 2016 Stuart Ellis (Suzuki GS150)
  • 2015 Hermann Wagus (Honda CB150)
  • 2014 Robert Tisdell (Honda CB150)
  • 2013 Ryan Phillips  (Honda CB150)
  • 2012 Jim Murphy  (Honda XL150)
  • 2011 Adam Muldoon(Honda CB150)
  • 2010 Walter Murphy (Honda CB150)
  • 2009 Tim Smith (Honda CB150)
  • 2008 Lyall Kumera-Cairns
  • 2007 Martin Kraaymaat(CB150T)
  • 2006 Martin Kraaymaat (CB150T)
  • 2005 Martin Kraaymaat (CB150T)
  • 2004 Michael Moore (Honda CB150)
  • 2003 Phil Favero (Honda CB150)
  • 2002 Kyle Chick (Honda CB150)

Commuterlite Pro

  • 2017 Keo Watson (Honda CBR125)
  • 2016 Keo Watson (Honda CBR125)
  • 2015 Nicholas Miller (Honda CBR125)
  • 2014 Ron Pulido (Honda CBR125)
  • 2013 Anthony Marsden (CBR125)
  • 2012 Ryan Young (Honda CBR125)
  • 2011 Ron Carrick (Honda CBR125)

Commuterlite AM

  • 2016 Gregory Burt (Honda CBR125)
  • 2016 Luke Rhodes (Honda CBR125)
  • 2015 Rez Pulido (CBR125)
  • 2014 Adam Cameron (CBR125)

2stk Superlite Pro

  • 2005 Greg Gould
  • 2004 Greg Gould
  • 2003 J. Wright
  • 2002 Russel Barker

2stk Superlite AM

  • 2005 Clinton Edwards
  • 2004 Peter Wade
  • 2003 Stefano Montressor
  • 2002 Michael Combley