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Our Current Racing Venues

Eastern Creek International Raceway
Eastern Creek Raceway is licensed for motorcycle and car racing. The 3.93 km Road circuit is built to international motor sport standards.
    The surface is hot mix bitumen laid in one continuous length. The main straight is 15 metres in width; the remainder 12 metres wide and flows through landscaped hills. Clear run off areas exist for maximum competitor safety. Road racing is in an anti clockwise direction, a variety of bends, curves, turns and straights present cornering and braking challenges.
    The control tower gives officials a birds eye view of the track, paddock, medical centre and helipad. Fifty garage pit lane, easy access for transporters and a secure base for bikes and equipment. The support paddock has a bitumen surface, a dummy grid, eighteen carports and scrutineering building.
    Located 40kms west of Sydney's CBD situated on Brabham Drive/Ferrers Road, Eastern Creek, approximately a 45 minute drive from the city or airport.

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Wakefield Park Raceway
Wakefield Park is a 2.2km racing circuit that operates under a CAMS National Circuit Licence, AASA and also under the Department of Sport and Recreation permit scheme.
    The circuit is located 2 hours drive from Sydney and about 1 hour from Canberra, and is positioned 10km south of Goulburn on 130 acres of cleared land. There are no trees or natural obstacles near the track. Safety is paramount and ripple strips, tyre walls and gravel traps have been positioned so as to make Wakefield a very safe circuit on which to run any type of motorcycle.
    Wakefield Park will cater to the needs of all motorsport patrons, with safety being of paramount concern. The onsite facilities include canteen, coffee shop, carports, lock-up Pit Lane garaging, tower, timing and corporate area.
Accomodation cabins are also available on race weekends, but book well ahead.


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Broadford Raceway
Broadford raceway has a 2.16klm road race circuit along with many other tracks which include: motocross, supercross, speedway, super moto and trials/enduro tracks.

It is located approx. 90 klms north of Melbourne, on the Strath Creek Rd, Broadford (Just off Hume Freeway).



Bucket Lap records:

Superlight - 2 stroke

Lindsay McKay (NSW)

Honda H100


8 June 2002


Superlight - 4 stroke

Gary Briggs (NSW)

Honda 150


8 June 2002


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How to get there:

Oran Park Raceway - Gone; just for the memory.
Australia's only figure 8 national circuit. This 2.6km layout incorporates the Yokohama Bridge as well as 12 of the most challenging corners in Australia. The best place in Australia to watch V8 Supercars, or any other mortorsport. With a mixture of slow, technical corners and fast sweepers, as well as some exciting changes of height. The Grand Prix circuit can be split up into two separate circuits to be used simultaneously.
    The South Circuit, the original Oran park circuit built in 1962 consists of the main straight, pit lane garages and a constant radius 180 degree turn at the end. The scene of a number of great touring car battles in the 1960's and early 1970's.
    Oran Park is about 1 hour west of Sydney, 2 hours from Newcastle and 1 hour from Wollongong.
    Unfortunately Oran Park is to be turned into a housing estate in the near future depriving us and the rest of the community of a favourite and historic race circuit, just as happened to Amaroo Park!


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