• 83 Edward Marsden wins Motolite Round Two 83 Edward Marsden Master of Round 2 Motolite class
    Eward Marsden Honda RS85crs won both races. Brother Anthony was 2nd
    and #17 Adam Cameron Honda RS150CRFr finished 3rd.
  • #38 Junior Murphy Superlite PRO Class Round 2 Winner #38 Junior Murphy Superlite Pro Class Winner
    Junior won both races to win the day. #169 Ian Gregory finished 2nd
    #65 Tim Smith finished 3rd overall
  • #31 Christopher Dobie wins first time out on Suauki GSXR125 in Commuterlite AM Class #31 Christopher Dobie first win for Suzuki GSXR125
    Christopher won the Commuterlite AM class on the new Suzuki GSXR125 first
    time out. 2nd went to #56 Robert Hodgson and #454 Andrew Collins 3rd
  • #101 Brad Lumb Commuterlite PRO#101 Brad Lumb Commuterlite PRO Class Winner
    Brad won both races to score max points for the day. 2nd place when to
    #49 Gregory Burt. #30 Garth Olsson came in 3nd. All riding Honda CBR125s
  • 6 Jason Dunn Motolite #6 Jason Dunn Wins Round One in Motolites .
    Like he's never been away Jason won all three Motolite races. Here he leads
    the field away in race two. 68 Shane Wilcox finished 2nd. 63 Matt Burton 3rd

Round Three of 2018 Mitas Tyres Bucket Racing Championship.

Round three of the Mitas Tyres bucket racing Championship will be run on the North circuit at Sydney motorsport Park on Sunday the 24th of June.

Bucket racers will be racing in four classes in this round of the Championship so some exciting racing is coming up.

Gate entry is free for spectators



Round Two of 2018 Mitas Tyres Bucket Racing Championship

As seems to be the trend in recent Championship meetings round two was run on a cool day alternating between showers and drying conditions. The meeting was run on the GP circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park. Despite the weather conditions the bucket racers produced some excellent racing although due to time constraints only two bucket races was completed.


Despite the damp conditions #83 Edward Marsden Honda RS85cr put in a flyer to head up the Motolite field...

Read Race Report... CLICK HERE

Championship points after Round Two... CLICK HERE

Bucket Race Bikes Wanted!

If you have an unwanted Bucket Race bike lying about and would like to move it on send the details with a few decent photos to the Webmaster and we will put it up in the "For Sale" page on this website. We have had a number of enquiries about availability of secondhand ready to race bikes and donor bikes suitable for building a Bucket Race bike.

Commuterlites, Superlites and Motolites are all in demand.

If you have an unfinished project or suitable bits and pieces send us the details and if applicable we will put them on as well. Its a shame to have some of these bikes and parts languishing unused in the back of garages.

With Bucket Racing celebrating it thirtieth year anniversary we are hoping for a big turnout in 2018 with maybe some former stars coming out of retirement.

News Reports etc....

Thirty Years of Bucket Racing

1988 to 2018

30 Years of Bucket Racing

In 2018 The Bucket Racing Association of NSW will be celebrating it thirtieth Anniversary. It seems like only a short while ago we were celebrating the 25th Anniversary, how time flies. More...
To read "30 Years on, what is Bucket Racing?"
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Join The Bucket Racing Association and

The Application form can be downloaded Here...

Payment can be made by cheque, money order, Direct debit (Bank details on form) 


Payment to the Treasurer via PayPal.Me can be made Here...

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2018 Motolite Championship
#83 Edward Marsden Motolite
1st. #83 Edward Marsden
Honda RS 85cr
104 Points
#86 Anthony Marsden Motolite Class
2nd. #86 Anthony Marsden
Honda RS 85cr
98 Points
#17 Adam Cameron Motolite
3rd. #17 Adam Cameron
Honda CRF150r
89 Points
2018 Superlite Pro Championship
#38 Junior Murphy Superlite PRO
1st. #38 Junior Murphy
Honda CB180
115 Points

#65 Tim Smith Superlite PRO
2nd. #65 Tim Smith
Honda CB180
104 Points

169 Ian Gregory Superlite PRO
3rd. #169 Ian Gregory
Honda CB185
96 Points
2018 Commuterlite Pro Championship
101 Brad Lumb Commuterlite PRO
1st. #101 Brad Lumb
Honda CBR125
125 Points
39 Ken Watson 2nd 2017 Commuterlite PRO Championship
2nd. #49 Gregory Burt
Honda CBR125
96 Points
#66 Andy Lewer runner up 2017 Commuterlite AM Championship
 3rd. #66 Andy Lewer
Honda CBR125
83 Points

2018 Commuterlite AM Championship
56 Robert Hodgson Commuterlite AM
1st. #56 Robert Hodgson
Honda CBR125
108 Points
#454 Andrew Collins Commuterlite AM
 2nd. #454 Andrew Collins
Honda CBR125
103 Points

#11 Barry Young Commuterlite AM
3rd. #11 Barry Young
Honda CBR125
83 Points

If you live in NSW and have ever wanted to go bike racing this is the place to be. Home brewed bikes on race tracks offers outdoor fun while racing, and hours of indoor pleasure, home brewing your special machine!

A full list of the bikes that you can use are in our Rules Section. But if you want to buy one ready made see the Links page and in particular The Australian Road Racing forum. Otherwise contact a committee member and see if they know of any bikes for sale.

Anyway, browse around this site and check us out. If you are interested in racing either contact anyone on the Club Committee or come along to one of the meetings on the Race Calendar, check out the racing and introduce yourself.

Even if you don't want to race, we can get you on the smelly side of the fence in one of the best seats in the house as a flag marshal - A day at the races for free!

Links to:

- Start Racing

 - Rules

 - Building a CBR125 Commuterlite

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