• # 75 Glenn Kelleher Motolite Winner 75 Glenn Kelleher Rnd One winner Motolite class
    Newcomer to Motolites Glenn threw down the gauntlet with 3 convincing wins.
    #68 Shane Wilcox was a strong 2nd closely followed #83 Edward Marsden.
  • #38 Junior Murphy Superlite PRO Class 38 Junior Murphy Round One Superlite Pro Winner
    Junior started his year off to a great start with 3 wins although pushed hard by
    #169 Ian Gregory. #62 Jim Murphy 3rd courtsesy #65 Tim Smiths flat tyre.
  • #172 Leanne Nelson Commuterlite PRO 172 Leanne Nelson wins Commuterlite PRO class
    Leanne won the three races in style to score maximum points.
    second place went to #11 Barry Young who battled with #30 Garth Olsson
  • #149 Brent Dawson Commuterlite AM #149 Brent Dawson Commuterlite AM Rnd One winner
    Brent won the 3 races in the Commuterlite AM class scoring maximum points.
    Championship. #73 Daniel Florence was 2nd. and #29 Craig Hitchcock 3rd.
  • 6 Jason Dunn Motolite #6 Jason Dunn Wins Round One in Motolites .
    Like he's never been away Jason won all three Motolite races. Here he leads
    the field away in race two. 68 Shane Wilcox finished 2nd. 63 Matt Burton 3rd

Chris "Popper Bear" Sculley

Chris Sculley

It is with great sadness that I share the news of the recent passing of Chris "Popper Bear" Sculley, after a brief battle with cancer.

Chris was a former BRA member who had the reputation of not only being a fierce competitor and a very respected and accomplished tuner with numerous race wins attributed to his expertise, but more importantly one of the nicest persons you could meet and one who was always keen to help fellow competitors.

Post BRA, with his competitive spirit somewhat subdued, Chris turned his love of Bucket racing and tuning to that of going on road rides in the countryside of the Southern Highlands and Blue Mountains. He was accompanied on these rides with both old and new friends as his personality quickly formed new relationships.

Chris decided in his last few weeks that he didn't want to have a funeral, he always was a "stubborn bastard", (or should I say a strong willed person with dogged determination). However, a memorial road ride is organised for those who want to celebrate his life, catch up with old friends and reminisce.
I'm sure there are many of us that would love to share a special story or two about Chris.

Russell Barker

Details of the Chris Sculley Commemorative Ride

When: Sunday March the 31st. 2019 at 9 AM – 10:30 AM
Where: Oran Park Dr, Oran Park NSW 2570, Australia


Round One of 2019 Mitas Tyres Bucket Racing Championship.

First meeting for 2019 was held at the ever popular Wakefield Park circuit. With a good entry everyone was keen to get a good start to their championship year. Weather looked dodgy early in the morning but cleared up to a warm sunny day. A big welcome to the newcomers to bucket racing this year. They are mostly in the Commuterlite classes and the Motolite class.

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Bucket Race Bikes Wanted!

If you have an unwanted Bucket Race bike lying about and would like to move it on send the details with a few decent photos to the Webmaster and we will put it up in the "For Sale" page on this website. We have had a number of enquiries about availability of secondhand ready to race bikes and donor bikes suitable for building a Bucket Race bike.

Commuterlites, Superlites and Motolites are all in demand.

If you have an unfinished project or suitable bits and pieces send us the details and if applicable we will put them on as well. Its a shame to have some of these bikes and parts languishing unused in the back of garages.

News Reports etc....


14-17 March at Sydney Motorsport Park


As in previous years of the IFOS the Bucket Racing Association and PCRA will have a Display stand again at this meeting.
Bikes from Historic and Bucket classes will be on display as well as information pamphlets and members on hand brimming with information and keen to pass it on.

Pay us a visit and find out all about Historic and Bucket Racing, you will be surprised at how easy and economical it can be to go Road Racing on full size race tracks.


The busy BRA Stand at a previous IFOS.

Link to IFOS website

Start Bucket Racing

Join The Bucket Racing Association

The Application form can be downloaded Here...

Payment can be made by cheque, money order, Direct debit (Bank details on form) 


Payment to the Treasurer via PayPal.Me can be made Here...

Please fill in your details in the Notes Message box on the PayPal Me Form.

Honda P5-125-superlite for sale
P5-125 / Superlite for Sale
Honda P5-125,

Honda CBR150 4valve  Motolite for sale
Motolite for Sale
Honda CBR150,
2019 Motolite Championship
#75 Glenn Kelleher Motolite
1st. #75 Glenn Kelleher
Honda CRF150rs
75 Points
#68 Shane Wilcox Honda RS85cr Motolite
2nd. #68 Shane Wilcox
Honda RS85cr
58 Points
#83 Edward Marsden Motolite
3rd. #83 Edward Marsden
Honda RS 85cr
55 Points
2019 Superlite Pro Championship
#38 Junior Murphy Superlite PRO
1st. #38 Junior Murphy
Honda CB180
75 Points

169 Ian Gregory Superlite PRO
2nd. #169 Ian Gregory
Honda CB185
58 Points
62 Jim Murphy Superlite PRO
3rd. #62 Jim Murphy
Honda CB150
55 Points
2019 Commuterlite Pro Championship
172 Leanne Nelson Commuterlite PRO
1st. #172 Leanne Nelson
Honda CBR125
75 Points
#11 Barry Young Commuterlite AM
2nd. #11 Barry Young
Honda CBR125
58 Points
#4 Marty Kraymaat Commuterlite PRO
 3rd. # Garth Olsen
Honda CBR125
56 Points

2019 Commuterlite AM Championship
147 Brent Dawson Commuterlite AM
1st. #149 Brent Dawson
Honda CBR125
75 Points
#73 Daniel Florance Commuterlite AM
2nd. Daniel Florance
Honda CBR125
56 Points
#29 Craig Hitchcock Commuterlite AM
 3rd. #29 Craig Hitchcock
Honda CBR125
55 Points

If you live in NSW and have ever wanted to go bike racing this is the place to be. Home brewed bikes on race tracks offers outdoor fun while racing, and hours of indoor pleasure, home brewing your special machine!

A full list of the bikes that you can use are in our Rules Section. But if you want to buy one ready made see the Links page and in particular The Australian Road Racing forum. Otherwise contact a committee member and see if they know of any bikes for sale.

Anyway, browse around this site and check us out. If you are interested in racing either contact anyone on the Club Committee or come along to one of the meetings on the Race Calendar, check out the racing and introduce yourself.

Even if you don't want to race, we can get you on the smelly side of the fence in one of the best seats in the house as a flag marshal - A day at the races for free!

Links to:

- Start Racing

 - Rules

 - Building a CBR125 Commuterlite

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