• 60 Jason Dunn winner of 2017 Motolite Championship 60 Jason Dunn winner of 2017 Motolite Championship
    Jason (Honda RS85) makes it Motolite Championship number five.
    #170 Michael Child finished 2nd with #83 Edward Marsden 3rd.
  • #38 Junior Murphy 2017 Superlite PRO Champion #38 Junior Murphy 2017 Superlite Pro Champion
    Junior won the day and the championship with 3 wins. #169 Ian Gregory 2nd.
    and #8 Kurt Wagus came home 3rd after a close fought championship.
  • #43 Keo Watson 2017 Commuterlite PRO Champion #43 Keo Watson 2017 Commuterlite PRO Champion
    Keo and his Dad tied on points but Keo got the championship by dint of his
    better win rate. #3 Peter Lindsay came 3nd in the Championship.
  • #49 Gregory Burt 2017 Commuterlite AM Champion #49 Gregory Burt 2017 Commuterlite AM Champion
    Greg won all 3 races in round 5 to clinch the Commuterlite AM Championship
    #66 Andy Lewer finished 2nd & #78 Mark O'Toole 3rd in the AM Championship.
  • #666 Shaun Bray 2017 Superlite AM Champion ##666 Shaun Bray 2017 Superlite AM Champion.
    Shaun scored the most points to become 2017 Superlite AM Champion.
    #59 Stuart Ellis and #120 Nathan Taylor finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.
  • Father and son team wins One one hour Outright and the Commuterlite Class Outright Winners of 2017 One Hour Ken/Keo Watson.
    On a wet slippery track Dad & son Ken and Keo Watson won outright plus
    Commuterlite Class. Greg Oates/Tom Harrison 2nd, Max/Chris Young 3rd.
  • #170 Michael Child/Blair Briggs 1 hour Motolite Winners 170 Michael Child/Blair Briggs.
    Michael and Blair rode consistently to win Motolite class and 2nd overall.
    The #81 Aprilia of Robert Tisdell/Stuart Ellis finished 2nd.
  • #38 Junior and Jim Murphy win one hour Superlite Class 2017 Superlite 1 Hour Winners #38 Junior/Jim Murphy.
    Junior battled with #65 Tim Smith/John Olip duo pipping Tim on the line
    by half a tyre width. #8 Kurt Wagus/Ian Gregory were 3rd after a troubled run.
  • 6 Jason Dunn Motolite #6 Jason Dunn Wins Round One in Motolites .
    Like he's never been away Jason won all three Motolite races. Here he leads
    the field away in race two. 68 Shane Wilcox finished 2nd. 63 Matt Burton 3rd


The final round of the 2017 Bucket Racing Championship was run on the GP circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park on Sat. 23rd on a 34 degree? Winters day. After some close and exciting racing the 2017 Champions had to race hard for their titles.



60 Jason Dunn Honda RS85cr (Fifth Championship for Jason)

Superlite PRO:

#38 Junior Murphy (BBE Honda CB185)

Commuterlite PRO:

#43 Keo Watson (Honda CBR125)

Commuterlite AM:

#49 Gregory Burt (Honda CBR125)

Superlite AM:

#666 Shaun Bray (Suzuki GS150)

Congratulations to all the winners and competitors who made it a great season of competitive and exciting racing.

Also many thanks to the Flaggies and officials for putting up with the extremes of weather we experienced this year. Mostly volunteers our racing wouldn’t happen without this group of dedicated enthusiasts.

Round Four Race Results. Click Here...

2017 Bucket Championship Points. Click Here...

2017 Bucket One Hour Enduro.

This year’s one hour enduro event was run in cold (5 degs.) and wet conditions. Quite a contrast to the previous day’s championship round which was a mild winter’s day with clear sky and sunshine. Because of poor visibility and slippery conditions the Le Mans start was abandoned for a normal grid start for safety reasons. A sensible move by the track officials. As well the race was shortened to 45 minutes owing to delays in the previous events.

However when the race got going there was some excellent racing in all the classes.

Father and son team Ken and Keo Watson on a Honda CBR125 were outright winners taking out the Commuterlite class win as well. This is the first time a Commuterlite has won outright. The #60 Gregory Oates/Tom Harrison team were the 2nd Commuterlite home followed by father and son team #41 Max and Chris Young (Yamaha YZFR125). #78 Peter Lindsay/Mark O'Toole (Honda CBR125) came home next.

The Motolite class was won by Blair Briggs and the evergreen Michael Child riding Michael's Supermono197. They finished 2nd overall. After leading early in the race the #82 Robert Tisdell / Stuart Ellis Aprilia 150RS duo finished 2nd in the class and 3rd overall. 

 Another Father and son team #38 Jim and Junior Murphy (BBE Honda CB185) won the Superlite class after Junior had a almighty tussle with #65 Tim Smith (Honda CB185) for the win getting it by .074 of a second the closest finish in One hour history. The #8 team of Kurt Wagus/Ian Gregory (Sky Ace 185) struck trouble when in the lead. The resulting lengthy pit stop cost them several laps but they still came in third.

The 2017 One Hour will be remembered for the diabolical weather conditions and some great racing.

One Hour Results. Click Here...

News Reports etc....

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2017 PCRA / BRA Presentation Night

6pm Sat 2nd December Alpha Hotel,
Eastern Creek

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One Hour Bucket Winners


  • 2017 Michael Child/Blair Briggs
  • 2016 Shane Wilcox/Lindsay McKay
  • 2015 Chris Jones/Adam Cameron
  • 2014 Tyler Bradford/Steve Kairl
  • 2013 Ken Lawrence/Steve Kairl
  • 2012 Paul Borg/Jason Dunn
  • 2011 Paul Borg/Jason Dunn
  • 2010 Garry Briggs/Stephen Byrnes
  • 2009 Garry Briggs/Aaron Morris
  • 2008 Stephen Byrnes/Greg Byrnes
  • 2007 John Lalor/Greg Byrnes
  • 2006 D. Sackett/R.Fairbairn
  • 2005 Garry Briggs/C. Marnoch
  • 2004 John Lalor/A. Bilston


  • 2017 Junior Murphy/Jim Murphy
  • 2016 Ken Lindsay/Harley Borkowski
  • 2015 Ken Lindsay/Harley Borkowski
  • 2014 Ken Lindsay/Mark Strong
  • 2013 Ken Lindsay/Harley Borkowski
  • 2012 Ken Lindsay/Harley Borkowski
  • 2011 Lyall Bennett/Shane Wilcox
  • 2010 Fred Holland/David Phillips
  • 2009 Ken Lindsay/Mark Strong
  • 2008 Jeff Clissold/Paul Ward
  • 2007 Mark Boddy/D. Roberts
  • 2006 Ken Lindsay/W Maguire
  • 2005 Ken Lindsay/Mark Strong
  • 2004 S. Stubbs/S. Phillips



  • *2017 Keo Watson/Ken Watson
  • 2016 Keo Watson/Ken Watson
  • 2015 Steve Kairl/Lorraine Stewart
  • 2014 Nicolas Wenban/Ron Pulido
  • 2013 Jason Blanch/Dave Abbott
  • 2012 Steve Kairl/Graham Kairl
  • 2011 Ron Carrick/Chad Slade

*2017 Outright Winners

2017 Motolite Championship
#6 Jason Dunn Motolite Class
1st. #60 Jason Dunn
Honda RS 85cr
250 Points
#170 Michael Child runner up Motolite Championship
2nd. #170 Michael Child   
Supermono 197 
200 Points
#83 Edward Marsden 3rd in Motolite Championship
3rd. #83 Edward Marsden
Honda RS 85cr
179 Points
2017 Superlite Pro Championship
#38 Junior Murphy Superlite PRO
1st. #38 Junior Murphy
Honda CB180
296 Points
169 Ian Gregory Superlite PRO
2nd. #169 Ian Gregory
Honda CB185
269 Points

#8 Kurt Wagus 3rd in 2017 Superlite PRO Championship
3rd. #8 Kurt Wagus
Honda CB185
250 Points
2017 Superlite AM Championship
#666 Shaun Bray Suzuki GS125
1st. #666 Shaun Bray
Suzuki 150
100 Points

57 Stuart Ellis Superlite AM
2nd Stuart Ellis
Suzuki GS125
75 Points
#120 Nathan Taylor 3rd in 2017 Superlite Championship
3rd. #120 Nathan Taylor
Suzuki GS125
60 Points
2017 Commuterlite Pro Championship
43 Keo Watson 2017 Commuterlite PRO Champion
1st. #43 Keo Watson
Honda CBR125
305 Points
39 Ken Watson 2nd 2017 Commuterlite PRO Championship
2nd. #39 Ken Watson
Honda CBR125
309 Points
3 Peter Lindsay 3rd in 2017 Commuterlite PRO Championship
3rd. #3 Peter Lindsay
Honda CBR125
246 Points
2017 Commuterlite AM Championship
49 Gregory Burt 2017 Commuterlite AM Champion
1st. #49 Gregory Burt
Honda CBR125
275 Points
#66 Andy Lewer runner up 2017 Commuterlite AM Championship
 2nd. #66 Andy Lewer
Honda CBR125
235 Points

#78 Mark O'Toole 3rd in 2017 Commuterlite AM Championship
3rd. # 78 Mark O'Toole
Honda CBR125
229 Points

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